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Sounds Familiar?

Have You Ever Been Plagued By These Thoughts?

"I Don't Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life

NOT Being Special.

"I Won't Ever EARN As Much As I'd Like"

I Won't Ever Have a Life of Freedom"

"My Location Limits Me to Opportunities"

"I Wish I Had The Skills To Speak. Whenever I Get The Chance,

I Clam Up and Start Shaking In Fear"

If You Want to Empower A Woman

Give Her A Microphone

- Mirela Sula

Sounds Familiar?

Have You Ever Been Plagued By These Thoughts?

"I Don't Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life

NOT Being Special.

"I Won't Ever EARN As Much As I'd Like"

I Won't Ever Have a Life of Freedom"

"My Location Limits Me to Opportunities"

"I Wish I Had The Skills To Speak. Whenever I Get The Chance,

I Clam Up and Start Shaking In Fear"

From A Village Woman to

A Global Leader

Your Power is being part of the collective. It's all about engaging with and understanding the unique role that each of us has to offer in the world, while collaborating together to empower each other.

I didn't always have a platform or an opportunity to help. My beginnings were not easy, they could fill the pages of a great story of despair, abuse, and lack of income.

When I realized that in between a life of my dreams and my current life was a lack of confidence and cash - I decided then and there, that I would not only work tirelessly to get BOTH, but I would do whatever I could to help women globally have the same

"It's Simple. I want to give Women Confidence & Money. An Abundance of both.”

We do this for you by giving you a MIC and An Audience.

Join the

global Woman Club

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Note: This membership gives you access to online activities Only. If you want to attend in person events join the entrepreneurs or the influencers club.

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AFTER speaking to 1000's of Women,

We Know that these are the 3 obstacles that hold YOU back:

  1. We are told to be quiet. We give way for others to speak. We are SCARED of what may come out of our mouths.

  2. We are overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge we need to achieve success.

  3. Our world is small. You don't like to offer services to your own network. To Be Honest - You don't even know how to do that!

Where Would You Start? How Do You Grow?

You have big dreams,

Even if you never admitted it out loud before It might feel a little scary to think about your big dreams because they can feel impossibly out of reach.It's overwhelming i think...“Who am I to dream, and what's the point of dreaming if I don’t know how to get there…?

What I discovered working with hundreds of women for years are

the 3 critical keys to opening up your future to allow endless

(and unknown) opportunities to appear.


Cultivate your MIND with our library of incredible content. If there is a question you have about business, we have the answers for it.(Mirela always brings the best speakers!)


We Give You a Mic.

Self Expression is NOT always Easy, but we PROMISE you - IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. (and visibility is imperative for success)


Our Networking Channels

-Connectivity to a global network of talented, inspiring, growth minded women translates into financial independence (your strengths are their weaknesses!)


BUT NOW THEY ARE ALL the many faces of the

Global Woman Network

Angela Hammond

Head of Marketing

Before joining the team as the Head of Marketing at Global Woman Club I was enjoying being a member. I fell in love with the community, the values, the culture and the people I met here. Life changing. My involvement deepened as I explored public speaking, PR, and marketing, realms that were entirely new to me. The moment the opportunity to join the team presented itself, I leaped at the chance, eager to leverage my 25 years of experience in supporting and transforming businesses.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci is a world-renowned expert and leading voice in health and wellness. As a naturopathic physician who is a visionary and an innovator in one broth category, she has 4 highly rated PBS Specials and multiple appearances in the programs like Good Morning America, The Talk and Good Day LA, Everyday Health and Bloomberg. She reaches 13.2B people across her social media platforms and 4.2M unique visitors to her website monthly. DR. KellyAnn is a New York Times Best Selling author of 10 books translated into 9 languages and has built 9 figure DTC (direct to consumer) and retail brand that we all enjoy!

Christina Aristidou

Regional Director

Before taking on the role of regional director at Global Woman Club Cyprus, I loved being a member. It was about belonging to a tribe where I felt seen, heard, understood, and empowered to show up, step up, and speak up. As a high-performance coach and mindset expert, the online platform, the masterclasses and the events, locally and globally, helped me build the confidence in public speaking as well as a high-quality network of like-minded women. I seized the chance to lead the Cyprus club with unshakeable confidence, viewing it as the path to personal and collective flourishing. Being part of Global Woman Club is an honour; it's a profound connection to opportunities and an unwavering commitment to women's empowerment!

Micaela Passeri

Regional Director

Before taking on the role as Director of Global Woman Los Angeles, I was a member with the intention to expand my business to Italy. Little did I know that there was so much more. As I started to "Club hop" from club to club sharing my expertise as an Emotional Intelligence Business Strategist on how mastering your emotions raises your revenue ceiling, I saw that the women I was meeting were professional, grounded, go getters, just like me and even if our cultures and backgrounds were different, we were likeminded entrepreneurs coming together to uplift, support, expand, grow and learn together. The opportunity to share the stage and speak gave me that edge and leverage to grow my business internationally. Now, as a Director, I have seen so many women blossom and grow their business. There is just nothing else like this platform out there!

Carla Cohen

Regional Director

In 2018 I went to my first Global Woman Club meeting and was struck by how different it felt from any other networking experience I had. I loved the energy and that there were so many like-minded entrepreneurs coming together from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. Being around the Club helped me embody that I am capable of so much more than I had previously thought. In 2022, I launched the Global Woman Club Orange County Club. As a Business Growth Specialist, Master Healer and Emotional Intelligence Expert I have been able to impact more women and help them. double triple and ten x their income and experience a much higher quality of life without the stress and anxiety.

Linda Attram

Regional Director

As a dedicated Global Woman Club member turned Regional Director, I found my passion for community building and engagement. Stepping onto the stage for the first time in 2019, I discovered a home in this supportive community, empowering me to speak up and shine. Seeking deeper involvement, I became a Regional Director, leveraging 25 years of business entrepreneurship specialising in property development. Becoming a director not only enhanced my public speaking skills but also opened doors of opportunity for larger stage talks, diverse platform invitations, and increased visibility for both myself and my business. Recognised for my inspirational leadership and seamlessly integrating transferrable skills from years of taekwondo discipline to enrich the beauty, and power of the Global Woman Club.

Susanne Fagerström

Regional Director

My first meeting with Global Woman community was 2021 in a 5 day challenge. I was an active participant and joined as a member directly after that. So many possibilities to grow, in this global community. As a manager in business development I also I started in Mirelas business school and that was really great for me, I created my own method the Golden CODE, seven secrets to success How to create your dreamlife. I also published articles in the global woman magazine and business today. After that I felt encouraged to speak on stage and I did , in Los Angeles, New York, London, and Amsterdam. Last year I started as regional Director of Global Woman Club Stockholm, we have had online meetings and this year we Will also meet in person, connect locally empower globally. This is really the community Where you can Invest in the most important person in yourlife- YOU!

"To Meet Mirela Sula, and her club is to feel safe, inspired, and to belong"

-Hanna Winter

But you know what, It doesn't matter where you are right now, what matters is where you want to go.

10 years ago I had just moved to a new country as a single mother, an immigrant on a student visa, with no savings and very little english. I had just woken up. I had a breakthrough and I knew I was looking for something bigger than myself. Since then I have been traveling around the world and I have met thousands of women with a big desire to grow, expand and go global.

First of all we have to wake up, because the world is divided into people who sleep and people who are awake. Only when you are awake you are able to see things that before didn’t make sense to you.

The fact that you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it is not there.!

If you are on that journey find out which stage you are and come and join us so we can grow together




  1. You want more - Desire more: So you become more ambitious. 

  2. You start searching how to get things that you want: So you become the explorer.

  3. As you keep exploring you accumulate more knowledge: So you become the expert.

  4. When you have knowledge and build experience you can have more: So you become the achiever

  5. When you achieve success and fulfillment you can do more, you can inspire other people as well: So you become the influencer

  6. The last step is when you come in a position to give back and contribute to the community, society, the world and the whole planet: So you become the contributor

Here is the thing.

We all do what we do because we are looking for something bigger than ourselves.

I have interviewed hundreds of women around the world trying to understand what they want…

And I ask them: Are you looking for survival, for success or significance?

They all tell me they are looking for that significance and recognition.

Something to contribute, to add value, and when you get to this point you feel you have come for a reason on this planet.

But how do we get It?

You may say, hey but “I am a nobody, I am invisible”

This is where I was when I started, and the good news is that:It doesn’t matter where you are coming from, what matters is where you are going. All you need is a community where you belong, feel inspired and take actions towards you growth.



A message from Mirela Sula

11 years ago I moved to London only with a handbag, as a single mother, with no money, not good enough English, no connections and no idea how I was going to survive in this big world - but I had a big dream and I believed in it.

I had of course many challenges, many bad, tough days, many dilemmas and doubts if I was ever going to be able to find my purpose, but I never thought for a second that I was going to give up.

And this is the most important thing that I believe, that we as human beings should know, while we are searching for a meaning and looking to connect with our callLoyalty. No matter what happens to us and how many tests we go through, we always should stay loyal to our vision and never give up.Now, while enjoying my journey, I was looking at this picture from the window of my office, to my favorite view of Oxford Street, in the beating heart of London, this big city which now feels my home, and I say Thank YOU. I am grateful for what I have received and feel ready to give back and repeat my everyday mantra: everything that I wish for myself I wish everybody to have.

I remember when I started the first chapter of Global Woman Club, I started visualising how the club can reach women around the world.

And it happened sooner than I thought. I launched the first club in London in December 2016 with zero money in my bank account, and by the end of 2018 I had created 14 clubs around the world and 27 clubs by the end of 2019. It hasn’t been easy, but I have really enjoyed every single step of this journey.

Now, many women that are part of my course

''Launch & Go Global ''

keep asking me:

“How do I get a global reach?”


I want to share exactly this during the five days challenge, which starts on Thursday 1st February.

Hundreds of women have already joined and started sharing their stories. Come and join us, you will love it and It's Free!One of my favorite things that I love working with Global Woman Club is the community of entrepreneurs and small businesses who work hard and share the same vision like us to inspire and empower others. We see amazing examples of this every day, women in our community who start a business with passion and create a big vision to do good in the world

I always believed in the power that women have inside and the way they can use it to create a positive impact in the world. What makes Global Woman vision special is the community spirit and the faith that we all have in a better future.

When we come together we always find ways to have fun and contribute to a collective happiness (sharing jokes, do make up, photo-shoots, live videos, hugging each other and spreading so much love – This is how we usually do business with each other).

We want to keep and nourish this faith, and today is more important than ever before.​ As the world continues to experience financial crisis, war and poverty, it’s time for us women to claim our voice and use it for change. We need to show up and stand up for bringing that positive transformation that only our feminine energy can create.

I’m committed to offer my contribution and serve my community in order to help women entrepreneurs to succeed, but also any woman who needs support.

And I’m calling on women entrepreneurs everywhere to ignite their resilience and call their entrepreneurial spirit, overcome the fear and focus on serving their customers and communities. We know that when women come together they create magic. Let’s show what we are able to do. If we show our solidarity, we can overcome challenges and make a difference to our communities.

When the business burning inside of you is needing the tools, the roadmap to get there with fun, purpose and ease

- Mirela Sula

Feeling Lost?

That makes you NORMAL  

In fact - how can you find yourself, if you have never felt lost?  Inside the GWN, you will FIND yourself.

When the business burning inside of you is needing the tools, the roadmap to get there with fun, purpose and ease:



✔ Corporate executives ✔Stay at home moms ✔DreamersLeaders

(strong men! - really!)



You Know What is Easier?

It's Easier To do BIG business Than Small

.... Because when you think small, you act small, and you stay small...

We are challenging you toTHINK BIG. GO GLOBAL.

And Enjoy Every DAMN Step Of The Way!!!

One membership, endless possibilities 

Access To Global Woman Network Includes:

FULL PRICE : £ 79.00/monthly

  • Online access to all Global Woman online events.

  • 1 online networking event per month.

  • Weekly online masterclasses with Mirela Sula and guest speakers.

  • Weekly accountability breakout room sessions with regional directors.

  • Full access to the Online Academy.

  • One online course per month from Mirela Sula

This is designed mainly for those who need more support to learn and access more tools to grow their mentoring skills and add more value to their life and other peoples life.

You get Online access only to all the online events Global woman does. 

We partner with the BEST experts and trainers to create content  specifically geared towards YOU reaching the outcomes you desire in your business.  Select content that meets the current level of your business. 

From mindset to marketing, from creativity to copy, business or wellbeing, each week we invite you to attend our live masterclass, (which grants you access to live Q&A from each expert.) 

While our existing library of content is vast, due to how we break it down for you, you will be sure to not be overwhelmed - just extremely well served.  Something else you’d want to see? As we are always adding content, simply send us a request and we will do our best. 

(You are getting this very low price today even though many members say each masterclass is worth 10x their monthly membership fee!)

FULL PRICE : £ 600.00/yearly

  • 1 online networking event per month.

  • Weekly online masterclasses with Mirela Sula and guest speakers.

  • Weekly accountability breakout room sessions with regional directors.

  • Full access to the Online Academy.

  • One online course per month from Mirela Sula

  • Attend in-person networking events and any Global Woman Club event worldwide.

  • Experience the red-carpet and meet influencers/celebrities.

  • Connect with fellow members, speakers, and VIP guests.

  • 50% discount to attend any GW event including the summit.

This is designed mainly for those who apart from learning they want to meet, network, connect, brainstorm and collaborate. If you sign up for the entrepreneurs club you will not only access everything online but also attend in person networking events and any event of Global Woman Club around the world so you can meet other members, speakers and VIP guests. Experience the red carpet of Global Woman Club, get the real vibe of being part of a community that helps you grow.

We are living in an AI generation and the bridge between you & your success comes with your ability to connect with real people. To express yourself. Don't be discouraged! For those of you who start to get hot in the face at the thought of speaking, don’t worry. This level of membership give you the opportunity to come and see how other members just like you started with the first step and now they are feeling so confident. You take your time, watch, learn, connect, network and then soon you will be ready to get on stage.

Once you are ready you let us know and we upgrade you to the influencers club. You are NOT alone. Most of our speakers felt the same way and some STILL Do. But to keep showing up, and be vulnerable will provide you with the following gifts:

No Matter Which Bucket You Fall in, or

Where You Find Yourself on a Journey

- You Will Get There Much Faster When You Have Support, and a Community.

FULL PRICE : £ 2977/yearly

  • Learn - Network - Collaborate - Grow  - Influence 

  • Access to all online benefits (academy, masterclasses & online courses for one year)

  • Attend in-person networking events and any Global Woman Club event worldwide.

  • Experience the red-carpet interviews 

  • Speak at any stage of Global Woman Club around the world 

  • Speak at our online events 

  • Interview in the Global Woman Magazine

  • Contributor at 3 different magazine any time during the membership

  • Invitation for podcast interviews

This is designed for those who do not only want to learn, not only to network and connect but they are ready to influence other people. For this reason when you are in the journey of becoming an influencer you need more exposure, visibility, media, stages, red carpet interviews, podcast interviews, magazine interviews, social media etc. This club membership will provide you all of this, and all included. 

  1. Repetition makes perfect - the more you do it, you will hear how others respond, and adapt, adjust, fix, (we will help you!), and then get better and better.

  2. You will find an audience of people cheering you on. We are all in this together. Some may be a few months or years ahead, but in a few months - YOU’ll be ahead. We have one long rope that connects us and we’re pulling the new faces up with us, and the faces ahead of you are keeping you on track.

  3. YOU WILL SELL. Inevitably, in a setting of innovative business owners, you find gaps that you can fill needs that others have.

We do better and feel better and perform better, when we look around the room and look at all the people next to us and in front of us -  quality amazing people, accomplished women,  intelligent women, women all in the same boat:

  • Creating business success with like minded people. 

  • Part 2 and 3 go hand and hand together. 

  • In order to give you a chance to communicate and express (which we know has a massive impact on your success), we needed to create opportunities to allow this to happen. 


Since we want to make sure you have EVERYTHING you need, we have a few additional benefits to include with the membership: 

01 -  Weekly Sessions With Mirela & her Guest Speakers 

We provide monthly group mentoring with Mirela Sula for all the members. Save the date, on 26 th of each month.

02 - Annual Summit

The biggest event of the year is the Global Woman Summit & Awards where members of all clubs come together in one place creating so many connections, joint ventures and partnerships.

03 - Monthly Networking Events

with Global Woman Club Members around the world  (online or/and in person)

04 - One Free Online Course Per Month

The significance of this is that our BOLDEST Message is to SPEAK UP. Get a Mic. Not only do we hand you the mic, and the audience 

The secrets of building your confidence and standing in your power!

I don’t know about you but, for me, experience is my currency and Friends are my capital! This is how I create my happiness- I co-create, I produce positive emotions by giving myself the power to choose! To choose people in my life, places where I want to go, the food I want to eat, conversations I want to have, memories I want to keep, projects I want to bring to the table, the culture & the multi culture I work to be part of! It makes me want more and create more of these in life - to not miss anything in my journey! Life is not just a passing by but collecting meaningful experiences, is not arriving but who have you become in that journey!

What A Great Time To Be A Woman!

Women are representing their gifts and talents in all areas from Art, to Business and Politics! Women are creators, a force for good, great contributors for the world. They are shaping the global future to leave a great legacy for the next generation and setting the new standards of how the world should look like! Global Woman Platform is in the mission to help women around the world feel empowered and fulfilled with their lives.

How women network in London!

We are back with Live events In London, LA, Albania, Amsterdam, Paris, Stockholm etc. Have a look at our videos to feel the experience you can get once you join us. You can join in person or online with more than 20 clubs around the world. Our online networking events are very popular and truly global. It’s incredible how you can go global in such a safe and easy way. You build your confidence, you learn how to present your business in front of a global audience, you make powerful connections and you don’t feel alone because you have such a great support system with a sisterhood community.

We invite you to have a wonderful

experience with us

We invite you to have a wonderful experience with us

  • A fantastic delicious breakfast in a luxury hotel

  • Connecting in person with some amazing women entrepreneurs from all over the country

  • Learning from our Masterclass Lunch your business & Take it Global

  • Dress up, make up and show up for some beautiful pictures (we have a professional photographer)

  • If you are a member, you will be able to speak in front of the room for 2 min• A lot of social media exposure

  • After the breakfast event we meet for a business lunch and continue building relationships

  • A lot of opportunities to win prizes from the raffles

Our Events are very special

Our events are very special. If you are a business owner, author, coach, mentor, consultant, trainer, practitioner, accountant, retail shop owner, or simply have an idea to start your business venture you are in the right place. Or perhaps you want to take your knowledge and share it with the world - then these networking events are designed for you. If you are a woman working for a corporate but feel you need some inspiration and want to explore more personal surrounding yourself with successful conscious international women who genuinely support each other, then feel free to join us and experience a day full of joy and hope.

You are not alone! Join us for Inspiration, Empowerment & Motivation!

What do you do when you feel demotivated, stuck and lost with no idea which direction is your path to follow?Many women (and men) have shared this fear of feeling disconnected with their higher self and the world!I know what it means, and it’s tough! But please please my darling do me a favour, don’t give that power away! Don’t allow anybody or anything to demotivate you to keep doing what you are meant to do!You can slow your walk, but no way you should stop! You are not alone! You may feel down, sick, low energy, and perhaps you may have lost your purpose sometime, but you do not need to go through this alone!

Global Woman Club is a transformation hub

for growth, positive change, inspiration, motivation, learning, education and global netwoDividerrking.


How is this different from other courses?

Because this isn't a COURSE! This is a community. This is unlike anything we have ever seen. That is WHY we created it! There is daily activity. When you want to participate, you will have a way to participate. Advance your network. We recognize that you will have additional business expenses. That is another reason why we have made this membership so. damn. Affordable! This way you have additional funds to pay for additional software, or talent to move your business along. In fact, at today’s price (the lowest we have and lowest we will EVER offer), make one good contact, you will make the entire annual fee back with one small project! 

What is the importance of GLOBAL?

If you are in business - how many people know about you? How many people do YOU know. Your circle of influence is very small. Imagine what happens when that access is increased 100x. You will get to grow your business, impact, influence and legacy.

Who are the Women Who Join GWN? 

GWC members are especially driven to invest and help other women succeed. Many of our members are leaders in industry, change-makers, influencers and thought leaders. If you join the club you will meet business owners, entrepreneurs, women who run start-ups, SMEs or big businesses, but also women who work for big corporations and self made millionaires. Many of them are trainers, experts, coaches and mentors. Every person you meet through Global Woman Club is a great potential for partnership, JV and investing on your fast track for success.

What Are the Benefits of Being a Member of Global Woman Club? 

As a member of the Mentors Club, you can attend any online meeting and no extra FEE. If you join the Entrepreneurs Club you can also join any in person meeting that we organize around the world. If you sign up for the Influencers Club you can also speak in front of an international audience and be featured in  different magazines. In our club you can network, create meaningful connections, share your story, seek for help (or offer your help,  promote your projects or your business.

☑Mastermind Access: We give access to all the members to join the Global Woman Online Academy for Free (including access to ongoing and past masterclasses). This includes weekly masterminds with world class speakers.

☑Members can be in direct contact with these experts to ask direct q&a.

☑Extreme Networking opportunities: We do online meetings almost every day. All the members can attend any meeting of any club around the world - something only offered with us.

☑Open Mic - Building your offer. We give our members an exclusive opportunity to come in our meetings and dedicate an exclusive forum for them to speak, network and broadcast their message to all our platforms

Online Library for ALL- We record all the meetings and Masterminds and our members are able to go and access at any time the online library content and everything prepared for them in our Global Woman Academy

Can I Get A Refund?

Of course. You can…. ↓

We Are Committed To Your Satisfaction.We created GWN to be an informative, beneficial, and substantive resource for you and would not be satisfied with anything less.If you immerse yourself and follow along in the content and don't feel this is a good match for you, simply send us an email within 14 days of purchase to support@globalwomannetwork.com, and we will refund your money in full.


When you join Global Woman, You are Accepting these Core Values:We value diversity,

justice, integrity, honesty, and to recognise our unique contribution

⚫ We welcome all equally, and equality between women and men

⚫ We promote the importance and investment in self development

⚫ We value collaboration VS. competitionWe believe in women supporting other women and respecting each otherWe are open to positive change and growth, respecting the voice of women

⚫ We welcome ideas and feedback from everyone, and at the same time we encourage women to recognise their power and claim it back

⚫ We motivate women to acknowledge their knowledge and empower themselves by the celebration of their gifts, talents, and skills that they have.

⚫ We strive to increase the sense of self worth of self confidence of every woman that is connected in our Global Woman community

If you accept these rules, we are ready to welcome you! 

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